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Over the past year, we have been working with other provinces and developers to create an amazing new APP to track your horse activity - HORSEPLAY is finally here! Horseplay will replace our original Ride and Drive Rewards program, allowing you to record your horse activity and be entered for a chance to win prizes.

The Horseplay app conveniently allows you to track your activity and connect with friends. We encourage anyone 13 years and older to sign up and use the app. If you wish to be entered into the draws for prizes, you must be a current Equestrian Nova Scotia member and be a Nova Scotia resident.

Don't worry - we are recognizing your logged-activity from the original program and you can achieve your rewards there too! Simply submit your paper copy logged-activity hours to us by December 31, 2024 and we will honour your achievements.

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!

For every 10 minutes you record an activity in the "learn", "horsemanship" or "play" category you will earn 10 points used toward the draw. As you can only enter activities up to two days prior, it is best to log your minutes daily! After entering an activity, you will also have the opportunity to earn bonus points - 5 points by answering a question and 20 points by inviting friends to connect with you in the app!

All members participating in Horseplay and enter activity on a regular basis, will have a chance to win prizes, ranging from gift cards to merchandize discounts. Remember to be a current member so as be entered into our draws. 

We are so excited about this update to the Ride and Drive Rewards Program and we are hoping that Horseplay encourages you to learn, practice good horsemanship and have fun! Discover some of the activities you can record in this program, whereby each activity will earn you points toward a chance to win prizes:


Having a foundation of knowledge is an important aspect of being an equestrian. Taking the time to learn can improve the quality of care we give to our horses, teach us how to be safer around horses and give us tips and tricks to help us carry out our favourite activities with our horse. Grab a book, find your favourite horse documentary, take a look at our Horse Portal for online courses or go audit a clinic. These are some great ways to start gaining knowledge about our equine friends.


The daily practice of taking care of our horses is an integral part to keeping them happy and healthy. One part of practicing good horsemanship involves routine stable chores such as: cleaning stalls, having clean water available at all times and managing a feeding routine. Horsemanship should also involve a daily grooming routine to give us the ability to check over our horses for any injuries; to ensure they are keeping a good weight; and to make sure their feet are in good condition. Though there are more factors to good horsemanship, our last point is cleaning your tack and equipment after each use. Not only will it make it more comfortable for your horse the next time you use it, it will also increase its longevity and allow you to watch for wear and tear.


After developing a good foundation, here comes the fun part…Go Play! Having fun with our horses can take many different forms including riding, driving, ground work, and horsemanship. Remember, no matter what discipline for which you choose to take part, put your horse's welfare first and have fun!

Did you know that spending time exercising without a horse involved improves your ability to perform your favorite horse activity? This is called cross training and can be as simple as going for a jog or practicing yoga. You can track this activity as well!

Get Started Today - Download the Horseplay app!

Download the app in the Apple or Google Play store or access via your website by typing "" into your browser. The webpage version allows you to view your stats in greater detail and for those who do not have access to a mobile device. Get started by simply logging in with your Equestrian NS member username/password!

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