Register as a Candidate

Once you have determined the coaching stream that suits you and your skills, the first step is to contact us at [email protected] to register as a coach candidate. Please provide your name, Equestrian NS number (if available), and the certification in which you wish to register.  There is no fee to register.

There is no timeframe for which to complete your certification.  Whether you plan to move toward evaluation very soon, or years down the road, putting your name forward as a candidate will allow us to notify you of clinics, workshops, mentoring days and evaluations scheduled in your geographic area.

Once we receive your registration, we will set up an Equestrian NS coaching file and invite you to our coach classroom. 

Coach Classroom
We have created a google classroom for each coaching stream/context to guide candidates through the pre-requisites and program requirements for certification.  The classroom also includes "assignments" where you submit the pre-requisite information as you complete them.  This helps show your progress. 

Every context of coaching certification has several opportunities for training through the NCCP, Equestrian Canada and Equestrian Nova Scotia.  The information is provided in our google classroom and our calendar of events.  One time training opportunities will be announced in our classroom as well as in our social media.  

Coach Cohort

We are now offering a new training and certification opportunity - the Coach Cohort.  

What is a cohort? A virtual training, mentoring, and certification opportunity for Instructor or Competition Coach candidates or professional development for coaches.
When and how? This cohort works together for 12-15 sessions held via Zoom.  The full cohort is encouraged but we will have other registration options.
Why the cohort approach?
The cohorts have been developed to address several issues candidates commonly face:
1) Evaluation Prep – Without a mentor, access to training and clear instructions of what is expected, evaluations can be very stressful for candidates. The cohort provides excellent and knowledgeable mentors and clear information on the current program requirements.
2) Cost – Traditional coach certification is expensive. The cohort offers a cost-effective learning environment with mentoring, training, networking and an optional low-cost evaluation fee (i.e. reduced travel costs, better preparation for the evaluation, more frequent shorter training times to allow a coach to work around their coaching/other life situations and avoid given up a full day of coaching or life, etc.)
3) Inefficient Process – Traditionally, candidates have felt overwhelmed and take longer to complete certification requirements. The cohort provides clear resources, a step-by-step process, time-commitment expectations and supports – from beginning to your successful end!
4) Location – It can be difficult for coaches to travel to mentors, training, and evaluations. The cohort removes that barrier as it is virtual (for the most part). 

Watch our calendar of events and social media for registration details and cohort dates.

Our Event/Education Calendar

Coach training and education events are listed on the our online event calendar, published in our e-news, on our social media, and announced in our coach classroom. Click here to view the online calendar.

Booking an Evaluation, Preparing & Evaluation Day Expectations 

Once you have completed all required documents and training, you are ready to book your evaluation. An evaluation booking form can be completed in the google classroom, or you can review the events calendar on our website to see a list of upcoming evaluations and register for that evaluation. 

Evaluation information is provided in our google classroom and through evaluation pre-briefs. On Evaluation day, you will be teaching lessons and performing specific tasks based on your certification context's specific criteria.  You must meet the standard all outcomes of the evaluation to be granted certification.  



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