An Important Message from our Insurance Provider Regarding Wildfire and Coverage


We are pleased to provide excellent insurance coverage provided to you by our partner, ACERA Insurance.

Insurance-related Inquiries about your current Equestrian NS membership coverage should be sent directly to ACERA Insurance (formerly CapriCMW) at 1-888-394-3330 (ask for the equine department) or [email protected]

Briefly outlined are the coverages available to you:

Automatic Insurance Coverage for Current Equestrian NS Members


$5,000,000 Personal Liability Insurance ($1000 Property Damage Deductible)

Protects you, the member, if you are sued by a third party because a horse that you own or lease, ride or handle non-commercially, causes property damage or bodily injury to a third party.  **Liability coverage is for non-commercial equine related activities. Some limitations and exclusions apply. Coverage is in force 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and covers the member (Canadian resident) anywhere in the world.  (Exclusions apply for members who are non-Canadian residents).

$40,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Coverage

Covering you, the member, should you suffer a catastrophic injury, dismemberment or death arising from equine related activities. (Under the age of 90 and only available to Canadian Residents)


Our Optional Insurance Coverages


Optional Accidental Death & Dismemberment INCLUDES Fracture and Dental Benefits

$75,000 - Enhanced* Accident, Death and Dismemberment for injuries sustained by you, the member related to horses, including coverage when you are en-route to and from an equine activity in a vehicle. This policy will pay regardless of any other insurance that may be in force at the time of the incident.   *Enhanced AD&D is restricted to members who have not reached the age of 75 years.


Members Named Perils

$10,000 – Horse Mortality (Named Perils). Horse(s) you own are covered for death arising from Fire, lightning, transportation, earthquake or flood, attack by dogs or wild animals. Limit of $10,000 any one loss and any one term.  Includes compensation for government ordered destruction of horse.  This policy must be purchased by the owner of the horse(s).

Emergency Life Saving Surgery


Emergency Life Saving Surgery – This policy covers Emergency Life Saving Surgery necessitated by accident or sickness, including colic surgery and fracture surgery, to a maximum limit of $2,500.00 for expenses incurred ($250 deductible). PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a life insurance policy; NO DEATH BENEFIT is payable under this policy.  This policy is restricted to one claim per year and must be purchased by the member who is the owner of horse(s).

Members must have purchased Members Named Perils in order to be eligible to purchase the Emergency Life Saving Surgery product.

Emergency Stabling Coverage

Emergency Stabling Coverage - This insurance provides coverage for increased expense incurred to stable the insured horse(s) at other premises due to the restricted perils of
fire, windstorm, collapse or disease which makes the usable stabling temporarily unsafe or unusable. PLEASE NOTE: This policy does not cover expenses incurred for those that typically stable / manage their horses at home.
• To be eligible, the horse(s) must be insured for members named perils coverage.
• The burden of proof is on the member to prove the increased costs incurred. We recommend you keep receipts, and the records to help in the claims process.
• We must be notified within 14 days of the displacement. Late notification will render a future claim Null and Void.

Information and Frequently Asked Questions about the Members Named Perils, Emergency Life Saving Surgery Coverage and Emergency Stabling Coverage

Members Tack

$10,000 – Tack and Equipment - Insurers tack and equipment from loss or damage anywhere in Continental US/Canada. Tack and horse equipment you own, excluding rider clothing and protective equipment is insured against loss or damage from "all risks". Limit of coverage is $10,000 for any one loss, total limit per term. Losses subject to deductible of $500.00


Travel (out of Province/Country) Coverage - Member Only

Travel/Medical Coverage – Provides $10,000,000 out-of-province and country coverage for medical treatments and/or hospitalization,  Several custom options available to suit the needs of every member.

Weekly Accident Indemnity

Provides income replacement in the event you are unable to work due to an accident.   Coverage is in force 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week and includes (but is not limited to), injuries arising from an equine related incident.  There is a 7 day waiting period.  The policy will provide up to $500.00/week in income replacement for up to 26 weeks (some restrictions apply). The combined benefit from this policy and all other benefits available to you (WCB/WSIB/CPP/ Employer Group Programs, etc.) cannot exceed 75% of reported gross income to Canadian Revenue Agency in the most recent taxation year.  To qualify for this special program and be eligible for benefits, you must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Be a resident of Canada.
  • Be employed full time (minimum of 25 hours a week with a single employer);
  • Be a member in good standing of your provincial equine association;
  • Be under the age of 70 years old; and
  • Filed an income tax return to Canada Revenue Agency in the most recent year.


DISCOUNTS on your equine insurance needs, including mortality and medical insurance for horses, liability insurance for EQUINE ASSOCIATIONS and CLUBS, farriers, grooms, veterinarians, horse shows and more.  Please contact ACERA Insurance for these options.



The Descriptions of coverage have been prepared for information purposes only. The insuring agreements, general terms, conditions and exclusions of the actual policy will govern specific application of the various coverages referred to herein. In all cases the actual policy documents will supersede these descriptions. Please be advised a nominal administrative fee is collected by Equestrian NS for all optional insurance purchased.

The insurance coverage included and / or available as an option with your Equestrian Nova Scotia Membership is provided to you by ACERA Insurance.  Equestrian NS is not licensed to sell or provide counsel on the insurance coverage.   Please contact ACERA Insurance directly for any questions regarding coverage, limitations or exclusions at 1-888-394-3330 (Equine Department).


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