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February 26, 2024: Horse Behaviour & Safety

End Date:March 4, 2024
Introduction:In this course you will be given the tools to take action to create a safe environment for you and your horse by; Gaining an introductory understanding of horse behaviour Learning smart, practical horse handling skills Reducing physical risks on your horse’s farm

In this course you will learn to:

  • Understand basic horse behaviour and how to speak their language
  • Learn smart, practical horse handling skills
  • Reduce physical risks on your horse’s farm

Please Note: Even people who are experienced with horses can be injured by them. In doing activities that require close contact with horses we suggest you use great care and if you are unfamiliar with horses we recommend you work closely with someone who is an experienced and safe horse handler.

Course Topics:

  1. Horse Behaviour – Wild vs Stabled
  2. How Horses See and Hear
  3. Herd Behaviour – How Horses Interact with Each Other
  4. Horse Handling – Basic Safety Around Horses
  5. Rider/Helmet Safety
  6. Safe Trailering – Basics
  7. Fire Safety
  8. Safety around the Barn and Paddocks
  9. Returning from an Injury

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